Applying for Membership

To download the application form for membership, please choose doc or pdf format:

Please complete all items relevant to yourself. The completed form should be sent either directly or via your sponsors to the Club Secretary.

2024/25 Membership and Storage Rates (incl VAT)

Price Unit Acc Code
Family members £50.00 each SL01
Ordinary Members £35.00 each SL02
Junior Members £10.00 each SL11
Monohulls up to 16ft
outside all year £90.00 each SL03
outside winter only £45.00 each SL04
outside summer only £45.00 each SL05
Kayak on racks £35.00 each
over 16ft
outside  £1.65 / sqf SL07
outside summer only £0.85 / sqf
Cats up to 16ft
outside £115.00 each SL09
In Shed
Up to 16’ on racks in shed £135.00 each SL06
Kayak on racks in shed £50.00 each
Any dinghy on floor in shed (subject to space)* £3.30 / sqf SL12
* boats on shed floor will be charged total length incl trailer x width x £3.00/sqf
Surcharge for boats not launched in previous year 100% / boat
Add for each subsequent year plus 100% / boat
Any boat on the hard for more than 10 months in any year may be liable for surcharge
Unit rate £0.3500 / unit
Includes storage of 1 item
Low 6 months £250.00 each COM005
Low 12 months £500.00 each COM006
Medium 6 months £750.00 each COM003
Medium 12 months £1,500.00 each COM004
High 6 months £1,500.00 each COM001
High 12 months £3,000.00 each COM002
Clubroom £70.00 / day if non members involved
Clubroom £20.00 / evening if non members involved
Clubroom/Shed Key £15.00 one-off payment
Small Debt Policy, Arran Yacht Club, March 2015

Arran Yacht Club Committee has agreed that in certain circumstances [note 1] the club will pursue members and ex members for outstanding amounts owed to the club.
The method of recovery will be through the Sheriff Court small claims system, as at 1st April 2014 this costs less than £100.
Arran Yacht Club will first send a final demand by recorded delivery notifying the member that unless the debt is paid (or in some cases partly paid [note 2]) within 28 days the Club will lodge a summons through the Sheriff Court to recover the debt.

[note 1] For debts in excess of £600 where no substantial part payment has been made.
[note 2] Part payment made within the 28 day notice period should be at least 50% of the outstanding debt or a payment plan approved by the committee.